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sitting in courtThe family law help website will help you run your court case in the family court.

In making applications, preparing your case, speaking in court, collecting evidence and finding assistants to attend court with you.

Also there is a mine of information about family law and also about keeping your spirits up.

I am a Lay advocate , McKenzie friend and legal assistant with 10 years experience in the family courts at county court level, high court level and appeal court. I have personal experience of being at the butt end of the family law system. It was a matter of educating myself with all matters pertaining to Family Law.

The goal of this website is for you to handle your own case where you can. When you can´t the goal is for tips and advice to be handed out on a as needed basis. When that is insufficient then a fee based system comes into play. For the preparation of trial bundles, position statements, statements, applications amongst other things. I charge a reasonable rate. I also do Mckenzie work in the London area and will attend court with you but I do charge for this also.

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justice parker presides over case of false allegations

Judge Scolds Social Workers over False Allegations of Domestic Violence

Most fathers know the feeling of trying to disprove the insurmountable obstacle of false allegations of domestic violence during family court proceedings. On an informal survey I conducted of fathers for justice members several years ago. I calculated that 95% of Domestic violence allegations in the family court are false allegations. If this is true, …

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Local Gov Ombudsman – Councils failing to support non authority carers

Local Gov. Ombudsman Findings Nov 2013 Regarding non authority carers   Complaints Rising  145,000 children in England cared for by friends and relatives. This number is on the rise. The increase was 260% from 1991 to 2001. The 2001-2011 stats are still being analysed but a significant rise is also expected.  Local councils have an …

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Legal Profession Putting Out Misleading News About Legal Aid for Mediation

Mediation is still available through legal aid Despite the misleading news by the legal profession, legal aid is still available for mediation. Misreporting by The Guardian, Misreporting by BBC, Misreporting by National Family Mediation, Misleading article by law society gazette Many couples going through a separation may be completely unaware that Legal Aid is in …

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8 Ways to Protect Children During Divorce

1) Before you divorce try marriage Counselling. If there is any chance of saving the marriage then go for it. Children fare best inside a complete unbroken family. 2) Wait until the children are mature enough to cope with your divorce. Sometimes just plodding on for a few years with the marriage can protect the …

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