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The Lawyers are the Only Winners in Family Court

Father of two has run out of money, even though he represented himself. He was forced to spend a $30,000 retirement fund to pay for a Guardian Ad Litem to represent the children. Elaine Mickman, of Penn Valley, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia, said legal costs in her divorce and child custody case have totaled about $1 …

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Crisis in Ontario, Canada Family Courts

Overcharging lawyers are crippling the family law system in Ontario. When litigants going through divorce have run out of money they resort to representing themselves. The vast majority of people, the reason is really simple: They either couldn’t afford to hire someone at all, or they hired somebody and spent $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, $40,000 or …

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Innocent Father Falsely Accused of Assaulting His Child

Father eventually vindicated after social services accuse him of assaulting his 3 month old child. He insisted that the injuries (retinal bleeding, scratch to the eye and a chin abrasion) were sustained when he fell holding the child. Lancashire social services instigated care proceedings after a referral was made to them after the child’s injuries …

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Statistics on Children born 2012

From the Office for National Statistics Key Findings In 2012, nearly half (49%) of all live births were to mothers aged 30 and over. In 2012, nearly two-thirds (65%) of fathers were aged 30 and over (excluding births registered solely by the mother). In 2012, the standardised average age of mothers for all births was …

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Opening Up the Irish Secret Family Courts

The blanket ban of reporting Family Law Court proceedings is being lifted for the first time in Ireland. However, there are many provisos and with strict ban on any publications that details the identification of any individuals. There are a lot of questions as to how it will work in practice and what the effect …

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Canadian Family Law a Shambles

Barbara Kay a Canadian, reports on forthcoming changes to family law in Canada  

Human Rights Law added

Several key cases have been added into the european case law section  

Residence case law page

Just Put in some Important Case Law in regard to Shared Residence and Change of residence from mother to father. Residence case law