Estate Planning / Probate

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Planning for your personal affairs in advance of death can seem overwhelming. Oftentimes of even more practical significance is advance planning for a disability or incapacity situation. Estate planning is no longer satisfied by a “simple will”. Attorney Steven Krause and Attorney Brian A. Krause can guide you through your estate planning and power of attorney options and alternatives and draft the documents needed to best handle your particular fact and family situation.

Documents typically reviewed and discussed are:

  • Marital Property Agreements
  • Revocable Trusts
  • Wills (Including Guardianship Provisions for Minor Children)
  • General Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Powers of Attorney for Health Care
  • Declarations to Physicians (Living Wills)

Every situation is unique. Attorney Krause will work with you to insure that following an incapacity or death, your family members are best able to handle your assets and affairs in the manner that you have directed.

Probate and Estate/Trust Administration:
The concept of "probate" is the court supervised or directed transfer of assets upon a person’s death. Probate may be necessary in a situation when an individual dies either with or without a will but typically without any other estate planning documentation (such as a Marital Property Agreement or Revocable Trust). Attorney Krause can assist in the preparation of probate documents needed to open, administer and close the probate estate.

The concept of estate/trust administration includes:

  • Post-Death Collection of Assets and Proceeds
  • Payment of Debts and Expenses
  • Preparation of Applicable Tax Returns – Both Income Tax and Estate Tax, if Necessary
  • Distribution of Assets to Beneficiaries in Accordance with Documentation Directions whether by Marital Property Agreement, Trust, Will, or by Probate Court Order

If you have a family member who has passed away, been named as Personal Representative in a Will or the Trustee of a Trust, Attorney Krause can help you through the applicable probate or estate/trust administration process in an expeditious and efficient manner.