Lord Justice Munby Settled in as President of the Family Court

This is and was one of the better judges in the family high court in London. He has published 7 reports on family law since attaining office on how he would like family court judges, legal professionals, social services, NYAS, CAFCASS, expert witnesses and other family court professionals to operate. But, without any sanctions it would be very difficult to overturn the sub-culture prevalent in the family court system just by persuasion alone.

In the past in the appeal courts and high courts decisions and rulings have been made that were supposed to be binding on lower courts, yet those lower courts persisted in those malpractices. How many times can a new excuse be found for a mother to flout court orders, by moving from one part of the country, state that a child is too sick for contact yet well enough to have attended school on the same day. Findings of fact made where no actual facts were present. How many times has a guardian that was supposed to be presenting the child’s position actually just supported the mother’s position. How many times were allegations made, where the allegations were only presented to the father five minutes before going into court.

How many of the supposedly neutral NYAS, CAFCASS and Social Services are actually feminists who instead of putting the welfare of the child first are just promoting the mother’s rights. How many times have Social Services blocked access to vital information that was crucial for the court to make just decisions. Of course there are excellent NYAS, CAFCASS officers and social workers who are brilliant and hard working who actually care to achieve the best solution, who have acted in actually make the decisions of the court work despite the hostility they may meet. Mistakes are made, but the biggest problem is the complaints procedures of these organisation that are in place seemingly not to correct mistakes but rather to protect the individual officer from legal action, while the complainer exhausts himself in a long winded procedure where he will end up with very little benefit for a lot of effort.

The courts nearest to the President seemed to have a different culture and approach because of the new president, but the further away you go from the high court the less change can be seen except for the occasional conscientious judge who keeps himself abreast of the latest developments.

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