Mediation – A Better way to resolve childrens issues

The Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act (LAPSO) 2012 was implemented in April 2013 reduced the legal aid in private family law cases.

However, legal aid is still available for mediation.

Mediation can be privately or publicly funded, though some mediators may only work with privately funded clients.

Contact the legal aid helpline on 0845 345 4 345.



Find a mediator using the following website – Family Mediators Association


When selecting a mediator make sure he is not part of a firm of solicitors. Some solicitors will try to create an adversarial situation. Solicitors have a vested interest in domestic violence allegations because legal aid is available for domestic violence cases. Avoid any mediators who call themselves Ms. This is a hint to their feminist leanings. You will not get an impartial mediator if they call themselves Ms xxxxx.

Also, when both parties agree to mediate together, then the mediator has a duty to see both parties together. Do not accept a mediator dictating to you that the mother and father must be interviewed separately. Refuse this and make a complaint to the senior partner.

If the mediator starts asking questions in regard to domestic violence or your home situation then refuse to answer such questions. Insist that you and your ex partner are in agreement and don’t want to create an adversarial situation. Insist that it is the role of the mediator to listen to the parties and encourage the parties to come to an agreement that the parties both accept and feel comfortable with. If you feel that the mediator is taking sides then refuse to continue mediation with this particular mediator. Make a complaint to the senior partner and go find another mediator. Try several mediators until you find one that is agreeable to mediation.



Accreditation Scheme by the Law Society.


The government’s information page on Mediation

I do not endorse any of the following organisations. So please do your own research.

Resolution is an organisation that enables the process of mediation

Lawyer Supported Mediation

Family Mediation Council

Family First Mediation