8 Things Children Want Most in Mediation

According to Berni Davis from Berkshire Mediation Service

1. Please don’t argue in front of us

2. We don’t like it when you criticise or bad mouth each other.

3. It makes us feel good when you get on.

4. We don’t have to worry so much if you talk together about things that affect us.

5. We need both of you and we like doing everyday things with each of you as well as

6. Ask us what we want and listen to what we have to say.

7. We know you want to spend time with us but remember that we have a social life

8. Separation affects us children differently, mostly we feel either sad or angry about the things that make us feel special too and sometimes we want to spend time with our friends as well not living together anymore but we can cope and get on with our lives if you can too.

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