Accident / Personal Injury

attorneys, family law, scott metzAttorney Scott Metz handles cases involving injuries from many different circumstances. These circumstances include automobile accidents, work injuries, and animal bites.

After an accident, don't be victimized a second time by your own attorney. Attorney Metz provides free consultation for all personal injury claims. Attorney Metz will treat you fairly by not charging you fees on the total recovery, but instead, charging you fees only on amounts recovered for you.

Many law firms, including law firms that do television advertising, charge clients fees on money that is not theirs. Often, health insurance companies and doctors must be paid from the total amount of the recovery. Furthermore, the attorney has out-of-pocket costs that must be reimbursed from the gross recovery. A common example would be as follows:

Total gross recovery $100,000.00
Minus amounts repaid to health insurance - 15,000.00
Minus unpaid medical bills - 5,000.00
Minus attorney out-of-pocket costs - 5,000.00
Net recovery to client $75.000.00

Most law firms will charge their clients up to one-third of the gross recovery of $100,000.00 even though only $75,000.00 of the recovery is the client's. Thus, these large firms would charge a fee of $33,333.33. Fees are even charged on the out-of-pocket costs paid back to the attorney. The balance to their client is then only $41,667.67.

Attorney Metz will only charge you fees on the $75,000.00 that is yours. Thus, his fees would be a maximum of one-third of $75,000.00. Attorney Metz' clients would receive an extra $8,333.33 over what an injured person would receive if a law firm charging one-third of the total recovery represented them.

Automobile Accidents
Attorney Metz prides himself in giving individual attention to each of his clients. He is not a “personal injury factory” which works on volume. He will not take your case and then pass it along to an inexperienced associate. Instead, each client will remain with Attorney Metz and will have the benefit of his more than 28 years of trial experience.

Attorney Metz has been able to obtain fair recoveries for his personal injury clients. In a recent case, he was able to obtain a recovery of in excess of $600,000 for a seriously injured client who was offered only $80,000 by the insurance company prior to trial.

Worker’s Compensation Claims
Work injuries and worker’s compensation claims are another area in which Attorney Metz has substantial experience. His work in worker’s compensation proceedings has earned him the respect and confidence of the area Administrative Law Judges for worker’s compensation claims.

A person injured on the job has the right to worker’s compensation benefits without needing to prove that the employer was somehow at fault. Instead, if the injury happened in the course of employment, the injured employee’s medical expenses and mileage should be paid by the employer’s worker’s compensation insurance. In addition, if the employee misses time from work because of the work injury, then the injured employee is entitled to temporary disability benefits. If the work injury does not heal up completely, then the injured employee is entitled to permanent partial or total disability benefits.

Animal Bites
Animal bite cases are another area in which Attorney Metz has had successful results. These claims require an experienced attorney who recognizes that the resulting injuries often include emotional injuries (post-traumatic stress syndrome) from the bite as well as physical injuries. A victim of an animal bite is entitled to compensation for this emotional distress in addition to compensation for any physical injuries and disfigurement. Attorney Metz is able to refer his clients to medical providers with experience diagnosing and treating these emotional injuries.

Wisconsin law allows the victim of an animal bite to collect double damages if the animal had previously injured someone. Thus, victims of animal bites face legal issues which require the advice and counsel of an experienced attorney such as Attorney Metz.