C (A Child) [2013] EWCA Civ 431

Case where the UK family system railroaded an adoption where the father was not aware that he was the father until adoption proceedings had commenced. Because the mother had given up the child for adoption, the court made no attempt to identify or contact the paternal side of the family.

The court made the decision that the child was to be adopted. The father took a DNA test and established paternity. Then immediately he proceeded to oppose the adoption. Once the court had decided to adopt, all opposition to the adoption by the father was met with spurious and unfounded objections.

Once the adoption had been made, the father’s appeal was allowed. However, the appeal became delayed. Eventually the appeal was heard after the child had been with the adopted family for two years. In the appeal court it was decided that the father’s original appeal should have been heard and that a stay of the adoption should have been implemented to allow the father to put his case.


S (A Child) [2007] EWCA Civ 54

Case where the parents had drug involvement and violence in the family and the child suffered non accidental injuries. The child was placed with a foster mother. Court proceedings resulted in a care plan where the child was placed with the father’s cousin, with visiting contact to the parents. The father also gained parental responsibility at this point. This subsequently failed and the child was returned to the same foster mother. The local authority made a plan for adoption outside the family, fortuitously to the same foster mother. The mother and foster mother became good friends. Judge’s ruled that a special guardianship rather than an adoption should be awarded to the foster mother.


In the matter of B (A Child) [2013] UKSC 33

Supreme court raises the bar to making adoption orders which are opposed by the parents. Adoptions to only be made when all other avenues of care have been exhausted.

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