Case Summary or Precis

Below is an example of a case summary from a real case. Ideally the precis should be on one A4 page. However, due to the extended length of the case this one goes into 2 pages.




                                        George Christophorou                                  Applicant


                                           Monthip Hodgson                                       Respondent


Precis dated 20.11.08


The couple met in November 1997. He moved into her house in XXXX Road Birkenhead and they co-habit as a common law couple. In February 1998 the whole family moves into his house in XXXXXX. L is born on 2nd April 1999 as an issue of the union. A year later the couple decided to marry and got engaged. The family moved to Birkenhead but the relationship disintegrated into bickering and a series of fierce daily confrontations causing the father to move out. They had co-habited from November 1997 to September 2001. Soon after the father discovers the mother at an adult party with her children. She says, “Take your f***ing baby”. He left with the child and took her to his house. The next day paradoxically the mother appeared at the father’s house and physically attacked him and his daughter. To avoid further confrontations of this nature he left his home and stayed with friends a couple of nights. To his utter surprise, he was accosted by the police and taken to XXXXXXXXXX police station.

The child was taken from his care and was given to the Mother. The court had granted ex parte interim residence to Mother and the Father 1 day a week contact. The mother repeatedly breached the court order by refusing to hand over the child. The Mother allegedly beat the child. The Mother attacked the father and indecently exposed herself before the Father, other staff, customers in the shop and the general public. The Father left with his daughter and lived in London for 5 months. The child was returned to the Mother. Bruising was observed to the child’s legs. Allegations by the Mother of sex abuse by the Father. Reports of many men frequenting the Mother’s property.

There followed extensive investigations into the allegations made by the mother. Father protested his innocence. Contact was eventually re-established between father and child. Uneventful psychological assessment of the father. Unsupervised contact followed.

Father takes the matter out of the court system in 2005. A long period of unsupervised contact prevailed with only minor problems until 2007. Mother and boyfriend threatened violence against father. Mother stopped all contact. Penal notice against mother. Undertaking by mother. Contact resumed. The matter was again put before the court. Contact again re-established with only minor problems. Father making application for residence, staying contact and prohibited steps order. Guardian Ad Litem appointed to further develop the relationship between father and child. Parties consented for NYAS to arrange staying contact. Mother unilaterally withdraws consent to cooperate with NYAS. NYAS took the matter back to court. Mother preferred to deal directly with father. Mother and father have been in discussions concerning their daughter’s upbringing. Visiting contact established where child is brought from Liverpool to Guildford. Visiting contact has plateaued with Mother bringing child one weekend a month and staying in a hotel with child overnight. Mother and child have slept at father’s house on two occasions.