Below is a sample of a long chronology due to length of proceedings. This is the format used by solicitors for the family court.


M Punch                     Applicant
G Judy                    Respondent
CHRONOLOGY As at 24.06.08

17.09.59    Mother born.

04.04.64    Father born.

??.11.97    They met and co-habited as a common-law family in Birkenhead.

??.02.98    The family moved into his house in Halewood.

02.04.99    L born.

29.02.00    Parties decided to get married and so got engaged.

07.08.01    They moved to XXXXXXXX Road in Birkenhead.

27.08.01    After innumerable arguments and continuous bickering father moves out.

17.09.01    Father takes L at Mother’s insistence to reside with him.

19.09.01    Mother’s Affidavit. Mother’s applications C1,C3,C4,C6,C7. Ex parte court order.

20.09.01    L handed to Mother because of ex parte court order date 19/9/01.

21.09.01    Court hearing. Interim residence granted to Mother. Contact and prohibited steps order.

25.09.01    Mother in breach of the court order(21/9/01) by refusing to hand over the child.

09.10.01    Father contacted Social Services over bruising observed to L’s shins.

23.10.01    Mother in breach of contact order by refusing to hand over the child as per contact order.

24.10.01    Directions hearing for “no contact” order, ex parte.

29.10.01    Hearing and court order with contact reduced to just one day a week.

27.11.01    Father contacts social services over bruising observed to L’s shins. Father in total distrust of Social Services and stops contacting them.

13.02.02    CAFCASS report.

04.03.02    Court appearance. Contact wed 10-5pm & Fri 10-5pm as advised by CAFCASS.

04.07.02    Application for lump sum, transfer of property, periodic payment by Mother.

09.07.02    Directions hearing ex parte.

11.07.02    Photograph of bruising observed on L’s legs.

23.08.02    Hearing and court order ex parte.

24.08.02    Hearing. Order listed for review 29/11/02. ex parte.

17.10.02    Men observed frequenting Mother’s house.

21.10.02    Mother indecently exposed herself in public towards father during tirade.

25.10.02    Father decided mother is suffering serious mental problems and did not return L after contact.

25.10.02    Father lived with L in London.

02.04.03    Police forcibly remove L and took her back to Mother.

07.04.03    Hearing. Court order. Contact between L and father terminated.

10.04.03    Medical report itemises extensive bruising to L’s legs.

11.04.03    Hearing and court order. No Contact

23.04.03    Supplementary court order ex parte.

09.06.03    Section 37 report. Brothel like situation at Mother’s house reported by neighbours. Allegations of sex abuse made by mother against father.

25.07.03    Section 37 report detailed Mother’s allegations and subsequent investigations.

25.07.03    Court hearing. No Contact. CAFCASS appointed. Guardian Appointed. Ex parte.

28.07.03    Court hearing. No Contact. Directions.

21.08.03    Inconclusive third Section 37 report.

29.09.03    Hearing. Order indirect interim contact.

25.11.03    Father’s direction hearing. Father’s non-appearance due to ill health.

27.11.03    CAFCASS report by Mr Fxxxxxxxx

28.11.03    Mother applies for non-molestation order in an attempt to prevent collection of witness statements.

19.12.03    Hearing HHJ Roddy.

14.01.04    Final Hearing. Adjourned.

15.03.04    Directions hearing experts appointed

13.05.04    Unilaterally appointed Psychiatric report of the mother – McGrath

06.04.04    Directions hearing appointment of experts

06.07.04    High court hearing – Justice Baron. Parental responsibility granted. Defined schedule of indirect contact leading to direct contact. NYAS appointed. Case reserved to Justice Baron.

14.07.04    No contact takes place sabotaged by CAFCASS & NYAS

16.08.04    Directions hearing Judge Roddy. Ex parte.

18.08.04    Father asserts that the case is being dragged down to the lower courts by backdoor means.

20.10.04    High Court hearing Justice Baron.  Justice Baron reinforces contact and insists NYAS and CAFCASS shall make contact happen and to display some goodwill.

26.10.04 to
04.01.05    Supervised Contact in contact centre between 4pm to 5.30 every wednesday.

05.01.05    Letter from Merseyside family mediation Mothers refusal to co-operate

24.01.05    High court hearing Justice Wilson. Unsupervised contact in contact centre. Jointly approved Psychologist for father appointed.

05.04.05    Psychological report of father – Ruthenberg

11.04.05    NYAS report Katharine Perry

13.04.05    Guardian Ad Litem report

15.04.05    High Court hearing Justice Wilson. Unsupervised contact. Handover at NYAS house.

08.08.05    High Court hearing Judge Roddy(S.9) ex parte

10.08.05    Letter from NYAS to Justice Wilson regarding L’s ill health and lethargy

22.08.05    High Court hearing Judge Roddy(S.9) ex parte

22.09.05    CAFCASS(Finnegan) informs school that father doesn’t have parental rights.

07.10.05    NYAS report – John Hughes

18.10.05    CAFCASS report (Finnegan)

Contact is reasonably successful on a weekly basis
Until july 2007
18.07.07    Father attempts to arrange with mother extra contact to enable L to meet relatives.

25.07.07    Threats of violence from mothers boyfriend at handover. NYAS unavailable to supervise handover.

28.07.07    Violence reported to police.

01.08.07    NO CONTACT. Mother unilaterally terminates contact. Application for residence and variation of contact and enforcement of contact by father.

08.08.07    NO CONTACT

15.08.07    NO CONTACT

22.08.07    NO CONTACT

29.08.07    NO CONTACT

05.09.07    NO CONTACT

12.09.07    Contact at school. School initially blocks contact on advice of mother. Mother attends school and unilaterally terminates contact.

18.09.07    Father rings school to confirm contact.

19.09.07    NO CONTACT. Father arrives at school to collect L. L not present. Apparently L has been off school.

25.09.07    High Court hearing before Justice Hedley. Mother’s non attendance. Penal notice attached to court order.

26.09.07    NO CONTACT. Process server has been instructed but yet to serve notice on mother.

02.10.07    Mother served with penal notice. 4th attempt at service. Penal notice explained to mother.

03.10.07    CONTACT. Problems on handover. Mother abuses father on collection from school. Mother abuses NYAS. Both mother and boyfriend threaten father with violence as witnessed by L. Breach of penal notice.

04.10.07    Application supported by affidavit by father for non molestation order.

09.10.07    Non-molestation hearing. Mother makes no statement. Mother signs undertaking.

10.10.07    CONTACT. Full compliance. Mother arrives 25 minutes late for handover.

17.10.07    CONTACT. Full compliance. Mother arrives 5 minutes late for handover.

24.10.07    CONTACT. Partial compliance. Mother arrives one hour late for drop off.

31.10.07    CONTACT. Full compliance.

07.11.07    CONTACT. Full compliance.

14.11.07    CONTACT. Mother 10 minutes late for handover.

16.11.07    Directions hearing before HHJ Daley. Non attendance of NYAS.

21.11.07 on    Contact proceeds with few problems.

11.12.07    School nativity play. Father attends as part of the audience

12.12.07 on    Contact

17.12.07    Father am involved in a car crash

19.12.07    No contact. Father in hospital

22.12.07    Text from L showing great concern over father’s injuries

26.12.07    No contact. father bed ridden

05.01.07    Text from L asking me to buy bunk bed for her and half sister.

09.01.07 on    Good contact follows

20.02.08    Father meets Nyas for interview 2pm. followed by contact

27.02.08    Nyas observe some of contact. L wary of NYAS officer.

05.03.08 on    Good contact

22.04.08    Court hearing in Manchester. Agreement to allow NYAS to develop staying contact.

23.04.08    Nyas house informs father that the mother has relayed to them that L is ill and no contact.
30.04.08    Good Contact. Mother in breach of contact by bringing boyfriend at handover

07.05.08    Good contact. Mother came into restaurant to collect L.

14.05.08    Good contact. On handover the boyfriend was parked in front of restaurant in breach of court order
15.05.08    Request to Guardian to ask Mother that she is in breach of contact order

21.05.08    Met Guardian before contact. Good contact. Mother complies with court order

28.05.08    Guardian fails to collect L for visiting contact.

04.06.08    Father is advised by Guardian L is not in school and therefore no contact. However, father goes to school and collects L. On handover, the mother and father start discussions.
11.06.08    Contact as normal. At handover 40 minute discussion between both parents terminated when father has to catch train
14.06.08    Long chat by telephone instigated by mother concerning arrangements for L. Mother requests father meet the day before contact to continue discussions.
17.06.08    Father meets with mother at her address. L is late back from school due to dance class. All three go to a restaurant and just chat. Mother asks father to write down his requests concerning L. She states she will talk again.
18.06.08    Father invites Mother to join him on contact. She states she is busy. Handover near cinema.


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