Innocent Father Falsely Accused of Assaulting His Child

Father eventually vindicated after social services accuse him of assaulting his 3 month old child. He insisted that the injuries (retinal bleeding, scratch to the eye and a chin abrasion) were sustained when he fell holding the child. Lancashire social services instigated care proceedings after a referral was made to them after the child’s injuries were examined. The child was referred to local authority experts. In court, two of the experts concluded that the baby had been shaken and the third raised the possibility that such injuries may be possible when a child is dropped from a low level, with many parents not seeking medical attention.

Mr Justice Mostyn in the High Court Ruled that the father was innocent although as judges do, he didn’t rule out the possibility all together. He also criticised the time it had taken to bring the matter to court.

Lancashire Council v R [2013] EWHC 3064


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