Feb 16

Judge Scolds Social Workers over False Allegations of Domestic Violence

Most fathers know the feeling of trying to disprove the insurmountable obstacle of false allegations of domestic violence during family court proceedings. On an informal survey I conducted of fathers for justice members several years ago. I calculated that 95% of Domestic violence allegations in the family court are false allegations.

If this is true, then why should this be the case? Is there a vested interest in domestic violence allegations? Well, yes there is. Many feminist organisations obtain funding by exaggerating and falsifying domestic violence statistics. The experience of the small minority of women who have suffered at the hands of a man is dictating the policy of the whole of the social services, CAFCASS, NYAS, NSPCC, women’s refuges and other feminist embedded organisations. Furthermore, it is rooted in the ideology taught in sociology courses.

The problem in the family court is that NYAS, CAFCASS, social services and even psychologists are all trained up in feminist based sociology courses. All these professionals hold the same values and see the roles of the mother, father and children as a power play. They see the father as an abuser and the mother as a victim.

As a McKenzie friend who has assisted fathers in cases of domestic violence allegations it is really quite shocking the way all the so-called experts stack up entirely behind the mothers allegations and condemning the father. Only by careful analysis, hard work, research and thorough questioning has it been possible for a father to disprove the allegations. An astute judge could see through the allegations, but a lazy judge, well, would rubber stamp the allegations because all the experts agree with the mother.

It is a breath of fresh air that a high court judge has seen through the sham of false allegations of domestic violence made by a desperate mother in order to alienate the children from the father.

Here is the case by Justice Parker who scolds the social workers for believing the mother who was manipulating the social workers and children with false allegations of domestic violence. Residence was awarded to the father.

Daily Mail Court Case

Telegraph court case


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