Nov 12

Justice Munby Plans to Open up England and Wales Secret Courts

One of England’s most senior judges has pledged to expose family courts to public scrutiny to avoid miscarriages of justice and restore public confidence. Sir James Munby, president of the Family Division of the High Court, said parents of children taken into care must no longer be gagged by the courts and journalists should be allowed to report on proceedings.He said that in the absence of the death penalty, removing a child from their parents is one of the most “drastic” actions a judge can take consequences that can last a lifetime.

Under a series of reforms, Sir James Munby plans to make judgments available to the public and to open up the courts to reporters. Journalists could be given greater access to court documents.

He said: “We must be open to the world – much more open than at present – in what we do both in the family courts and the Courts of Protection.”

The next step would be to get these directions implemented.

Further things to consider is democratic selection of Appeal court and High Court Judges and in the Social Services and CAFCASS. Now, that would really change things.


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