Position Statement

Below is a sample Position Statement where the father states what he will state in court in general terms.

It takes experience to produce such a statement. This must be filed before the hearing and served on the other party(or parties), perhaps on the morning before court. It must fit on a single side A4 and include the case number and the Applicant and respondent’s names.


Case: LV07P0XXXX                        Liverpool High Court (Family)

            J Punch                                                       Applicant


            M Judy                                                     Respondent

Father’s Position Statement for hearing 13th August 2008

  1. The mother’s interim residence is ill founded and was fraudulently obtained. The status quo that was presented to the court on affidavit was tantamount to perjury.
  2. L is being denied access to and knowledge of the entire paternal side of her family. Her psychological development is being stifled. Her identity development is flawed.
  3. The mother has shown only partial compliance to the court order for staying contact albeit under her supervision.
  4. L would much rather that the adults decide so that she is not held accountable by her mother for her decisions or indeed by her father.
  5. The father is seeking a clearly defined vision of what the perfect family life is for L.
  6. The father is seeking definite milestones that will take us from where we are now to that perfect family life that L should have.