Preparing your Case

preparing your case bundle of legal papersThe Family Procedure Rules 2010

Access to the court file pertaining to your case is obtained by quoting FPR 10.20

10.20 Inspection etc of documents retained in court

  1. Subject to rule 10.21, a party to any family proceedings or his solicitor or the Queen’s Proctor or a person appointed under rule 2.57 or 9.5 to be the guardian ad litem of a child in any family proceedings may have a search made for, and may inspect and bespeak a copy of, any document filed or lodged in the court office in those proceedings.

To run an effective case you need to prepare your case with the following sets of documents:-

The best way to learn to produce the above documents and understand what role the documents play, is to click on the above links.

You will be provided with an example, an explanation of what the document is and also a step by step guide to help you prepare the document.